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If we simply treat your pain, we may never find out
what the problem is... and all you can ever expect is temporary relief. 
We find out... we fix it... we hope you never need us again.

But we do more than relieve (hopefully eliminate pain), we’re here to help you maintain a healthy body and live life to the way you want to live it - pain free and full of life.


And we’ve been very careful who we employ. We could have more people working in a bigger practice.... and we will one day... but only when we find enough of the right people. 


The Revive approach is not a ‘process’, it’s one of precise and individual diagnosis backed by effective, long-term relief through treatment and the prevention of injury. Solutions are individual, customised and clearly communicated so you have an understanding of your condition and what needs to be done to get back to full movement and mobility.


If you want your life back, come and talk to us.

We don’t judge our success by how many patients we have.
We judge it by how many ex-patients
we have.
We're here to make you well and we're happy to make our money doing that.
We won't lock you in to an endless series of appointments ... unless you really need ongoing care.
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