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Revive Physiotherapy and Podiatry provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore optimum movement and function throughout life.


We assess and analyse your body patterns closely to determine the quality of your movement and strength. This precise diagnosis allows the core of your problem (not just your symptoms) to be addressed along with the best way to relieve and prevent pain or injury from occurring again.


Our focus is on the best outcome for all patients via an individual and detailed assessment with expert advice and explanations combined with an effective and clear treatment plan to relieve stress and help the body function without pain. In particular, back and neck pain is our area of expertise.


Revive specialises in the following areas:

     >  Back and neck pain

     >  Hip and shoulder injuries

     >  Posture correction

     >  Sports injuries

     >  Video analysis – running and cycling technique

     >  Fall prevention


Skilled manual therapy techniques such as mobilisation, massage, heat application and exercise are applied in a professional, sensitive and pain-free manner to revive your full range of mobility and strength.


You may consider physiotherapy for a variety of reasons:

     >  Ongoing discomfort in neck and back

     >  Arthritis

     >  Muscle and joint pain – knee, hips, arms,   


     >  Poor posture

     >  Recovery and rehabilitation from surgery

     >  Experience pins and needles on 

         a regular basis

     >  Regular headaches

     >  To improve core strength and conditioning

         of muscles

     >  Injury prevention or treatment

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