The health of your feet can have a huge impact on the rest of your body... as well as your general physical and mental wellbeing.

Revive offers the best in general foot care from aching feet and heel pain through to nail surgery, orthotic care, biomechanical assessment and diabetic treatment.

Our Physiotherapists and Podiatrists work as a team so you can be sure you’re getting treatment to the whole problem, not just part of it. 

Pain free techniques and leading technologies are strengths of our podiatrists.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find pain free nail surgery for ingrown toenails and their prevention elsewhere.

Treatments may include exercises, footwear advice, surgery, strapping or taping, customised orthotic devices and/or possible referral to a Physiotherapist if required.

Revive specialises in the following areas:

     >  General foot care – pain-free toenail treatment,

         removal of calluses, foot maintenance, heel

         pain and repetitive injuries.

     >  Biomechanical assessment – lower limb issues,

         gait and running assessment, footwear

         evaluation, analysis and prescription.

     >  Orthotics – customised orthotic prescription

         used to correct flat feet, high arches, treatment

         of back, neck and knee pain.

     >  Diabetes – treatment of diabetic conditions

         including lower limb blood flow, sensation,

         ulcers and pressure points.

     >  Children’s feet – expert advice, assessment

         and treatment for everything on growing feet.

You may also consider podiatry for a range of reasons including:

     >  General aching of feet and legs

     >  Heel and arch pain

     >  Flat feet

     >  Concerns about growing children’s feet

     >  Footwear causing ongoing pain/discomfort

     >  Ongoing neck, back and knee pain