If we simply treat your pain, we may never find out what the problem is... and all you can ever expect is temporary relief. 
We find out... we fix it... we hope you never need us again.

But we do more than relieve (hopefully eliminate pain), we’re here to help you maintain a healthy body and live life to the way you want to live it - pain free and full of life.


And we’ve been very careful who we employ. We could have more people working in a bigger practice.... and we will one day... but only when we find enough of the right people. 


The Revive approach is not a ‘process’, it’s one of precise and individual diagnosis backed by effective, long-term relief through treatment and the prevention of injury. Solutions are individual, customised and clearly communicated so you have an understanding of your condition and what needs to be done to get back to full movement and mobility.


If you want your life old back, come and talk to one of our people.





Katie Taylor - Nutritionist

Katie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). 

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Jen Kingston - Practice Manager
Bio coming soon!! 
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Alex Ross - Senior Podiatrist

Globetrotter - Running Podiatrist - Country Boy


Alex has taken the very scenic route and returned to Revive after spending 2 years working exclusively with musculoskeletal and sporting injuries in London’s leading private clinic Pure Sports Medicine and in the UK’s public health system; the NHS. 


His passion lies in helping his clients get back to what they enjoy most; whether that be back onto the sporting field, running a personal best or walking the dog. Using his expertise in lower limb biomechanics and assessment to help diagnose and rehabilitate injuries of the lower limb, foot and ankle you’ll be in very safe hands.


Before jet-setting around Europe, Alex originally moved to Hobart from Yarrawonga (Vic); living here for 5 years and being actively involved with the St Virgils Football and Glenorchy Cricket Club’s. He now spends most of his spare time running, pounding the pavement all around Hobart.



- Bachelor of Podiatry - La Trobe University 2011

- Golden Key Recipient 2011

- Australian Podiatry Association Member

- Australiasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Member


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Daniel Kearney - Senior Podiatrist

Experienced Podiatrist – Music enthusiast – Hawks fan

Daniel started out as a podiatrist in Victoria in 2002. He relocated to Tasmania in 2005 and joined the Revive team in 2014.

Daniel loves getting results for patients that means their life is enhanced in some way, whether through improved mobility or reduced pain and discomfort. 

A keen supporter of the Hawthorn Football Club since he was five, Daniel has played a raft of sports, but is now more than happy to kick the footy with his kids. When he has some time to himself he can be found with his guitar in hand putting together a new song.


- Bachelor of Podiatry - La Trobe University 2001

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Kate Bentley - Podiatrist


Tennis player - Foodie

Kate is committed in providing thorough, high quality care and helping people remain active and on their feet.

Kate was born and raised in Melbourne and moved to Hobart in 2017,  she is excited by her new lifestyle and what Hobart has to offer. She loves to stay active and is particularly keen about tennis. Kate is also a foodie and is looking forward to visiting all the brunch/cafe spots in and around Hobart.

She enjoys all the facets of podiatry, but has a special interest in diabetic foot care and musculoskeletal injuries.


- Bachelor of Health Science, Master of Podiatric Practice - La Trobe University 2016

- Australian Podiatry Association Member


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Jessie Williams - Physiotherapist

Sports Star - Hobart Local

Jessie was Hobart born and raised, before moving "overseas" to study at the University of Canberra.


She has played soccer for 18 years, playing in the U14 and U16 National teams during that time, before trading it up for AFL last year. Jessie was a rookie player in the inaugural North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos AFLW team in 2019 and is currently playing AFL locally. 


She loves dogs, reading and all things sport and spends her time training for footy and talking/arguing about sport with her Physiotherapist Boyfriend.


Jessie enjoys all the diverse aspects of Physiotherapy but does have a special interest in seeing paediatric cases. 



- Bachelor of Physiotherapy - University of Canberra (2018)

- Australian Physiotherapy Association Member

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Jaryd Bourke  - Podiatrist


Biomechanics enthusiast - Soccer Player


Jaryd is coming to Revive from Wodonga (Vic), bringing with him years of experience working at an athletic footwear store. He was in Hobart in 2019 for placement and enjoyed it so much he has come back to stay.

In his spare time, Jaryd enjoys watching and playing all sports, in particular, soccer. Jaryd is always keen to pick up and try new things and started playing the guitar and piano four years ago.

He has an interest in all areas of podiatry, with a focus on biomechanics. Jaryd is looking forward to helping you with any problems you may have.  

• Bachelor of Podiatry – Charles Sturt University 2019
• Recipient of the Australian Podiatry Association Awards for Biomechanics and Research in 2017 and 2019
• Australian Podiatry Association Member



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Caroline Short - Exercise Physiologist

Sailor - Hiker - Challenge seeker

Caroline says her favourite thing about being an Exercise Physiologist, is being able to empower clients... specifically to empower them to manage their own health independently.  

Caroline discovered Exercise Physiology through a love of sailing. Her dad is a well known sailor and she developed a love of the sport (she has just come back from the J42 World Championships) and that love lead her search for ways to improve her sailing.

She became fascinated with using exercise to correct muscle imbalances and left Hobart, headed for the Gold Coast to study Exercise Science. She then came most of the way home to work for a private practice in Melbourne for four years, before finding her way home to Hobart.

“I hear all too often that clients are too unfit, old, injured, time poor, self-conscious (the list goes on) to exercise… and I love showing them how simple it is to dramatically improve their health by going for a walk a few times a week and lifting a few weights”.

- Bachelor of Exercise Science (Griffith University)
- Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition (Deakin)
- Diploma of Clinical Pilates



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Lachlan Marwood - Senior Physiotherapist

Pianist – Explorer – Adopted Tasmanian

Lachlan says that “choosing Revive was an easy decision” for him … and choosing him was an easy decision for us. His own emphasis on patient outcomes aligns perfectly with ours. You’ll be in the very good hands.


This is more than a job for Lachlan… he brings real passion to managing each individual with a targeted program based on a comprehensive evidence-based assessment.


He grew up on a property in Grong Grong, rural NSW; attended a boarding school in a rice-growing Leeton; went in search of humidity and beaches in Brisbane where he attended Uni: met his wife on the first day of Uni; and moved to Toowoomba after graduating. Finally got it right after holidaying in Tasmania in 2017, and moved to our beautiful state.


Lachlan has been playing the piano since he could figure out how to unlock the lid. He even teaches piano - jazz mostly. Most weekends are spent hiking/exploring or 4WD-ing, or sitting on the sofa watching the Big Bash league.



- Bachelor of Physiotherapy - University of Queensland

- Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - LA Trobe University


Currently Studying

- Master’s Degree in Sports Physiotherapy - LA Trobe University

- Master’s Degree Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - LA Trobe University


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Jessica Marwood - Physiotherapist


Pain science nerd - Dog lover - Parkrunner 


Jess has a passion for helping people with persistent and complex pain conditions. She likes to balance a hands on approach with making sure that you walk out with a solid understanding of your body and particular issue. She also has a particular interest in women's health issues, including pain, incontinence, and pregnancy related issues.


Jess is a Queensland farm girl at heart, but is loving the gorgeous landscape of Tassie, which she enjoys exploring with her two dogs and her husband (Lachie).



- Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Queensland - 2013)

- Australian Physiotherapy Association Member

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We're always looking for people who think the way we do.


We're not a lot different to other practices... but we're different in the things that really matter.


We don't judge our success by how many patients we have for example. We judge our success by how many EX-patients we have.


We don’t just talk about caring for our patients. We prefer to fix problems and help new clients, rather than commit them to endless treatments that frustrate clients and makes us lazy.


We allow more than generous appointment times to minimise our clients wait times and we’ve assembled a variety of allied health professionals that share their expertise and their patients when it means a better outcome for them.


And we prefer staff with a passion and an instinctive understanding of their profession, to those who just have a certificate or degree and a desire for an income. You’ll need the qualifications of course, but if you’re only in it for the money, you won’t be a fit at Revive.

Revive Health is a modern multidisciplinary clinic in the northern suburbs providing physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology services.

Facilities include private treatment rooms, computerized clinical notes, video analysis facilities and rehabilitation gym area. We have a strong emphasis on continued education, with weekly case reviews andclinical tutorials for all staff.


We'll be moving into a spectacular new facility very, very soon.

Send us an expression of interest now to join us.

Currently Available

Podiatry Graduate

Revive Motional Health is looking for a New Graduate Podiatrist to join their dynamic Multidisciplinary team.


Exercise Physiologist

Starting as a part-time position with 6 to 8 classes per week... plus your clinical load as well of course. We expect it to grow.





KGV Sport & Community Centre

1A Anfield Street

Glenorchy Tas 7010


03 6272 4000


Open Six Days

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm


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