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What makes a shoe right for you?

We all wear shoes daily and there are literally thousands of options available to us in all different types, styles and looks that make the choice even more exciting (or daunting) when buying shoes. But what makes a shoe right for you?

Below are some simple tips that can help you when choosing a shoe.

A comfortable fit:

[if !supportLists] - Try on shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Longest toe should be approximately 1cm from the end of the shoe

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Be able to wiggle your toes to ensure enough depth in the toebox area

[if !supportLists] - [endif]To ensure adequate width, your forefoot shouldn’t overhang the sole of the shoe

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Make sure you stand and walk in the shoe as your foot will expand and spread

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Should be comfortable and not have a ‘breaking in’ period


[if !supportLists] - [endif]Generally shoes that have a mild 1-2cm heel height are the most comfortable

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Sole of shoe should be thick enough to be protective of sharp objects (eg. stones)

[if !supportLists] - [endif]Adjustable fixation (eg. laces, straps, buckles) will keep your foot secure

Right shoe at the right time:

[if !supportLists] - [endif]It’s okay to wear dressier shoes and thongs when the occasion presents; especially when

we’re not experiencing foot pain

[if !supportLists] - [endif]If we have a busy day on your feet ahead make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes;

if you’re spending your day at the beach get the sandals or thongs on

[if !supportLists] - [endif]It’s good to be barefoot at home (unless you have Diabetes)

[if !supportLists] - [endif]It’s beneficial to rotate your shoes; avoid back-to-back usage

If you have any queries or you’re not quite sure please do get in contact with the Podiatrist’s at Revive Health.

For more information, call our office on 6272 4000 or click here to make a booking.

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