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A Physio's money is worth more here!

Forget that we operate THE most modern multidisciplinary practice in the State and look at how your life might change. We can’t pay more and a dollar is still a dollar, but your dollars will buy you a better life here than in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne... and closer to the middle of the city... if you like... or in a rain forest just 10 minutes or so from the city.

Of course, you'll want to know more.

Here's the important stuff.

- you're just a 65 minute flight from Melbourne and 120 minuted from Sydney

- you're friends will want to visit you more, because the scenery and lifestyle is beautiful

- your children will thank you for bringing them ... once they settle in of course

- you'll breathe clean air and eat some of the best seafood on the planet

- you're unlikely to get stuck in traffic ... or any kind of queue for that matter

- you'll spend less time in the car and more on your bike

- you'll visit MONA once a month instead of once every three years

- your short trip to work will give you about 15 extra hours a week to do what you like

And here's the boring stuff.

Revive Motional Health is a multi-dsciplinary Allied Health Practice providing Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics services to the northern suburbs of Hobart.

We have recently moved into a state-of-the-art, purposed-designed facility which includes a 120sqm pilates/rehab gym, gait analysis facilities, hydrotherapy pool and are looking for an outstanding individual to join our team on a full time basis.

We pride ourselves on providing a precise diagnosis of a patients condition, evidence based treatments and rehabilitation solutions that are individual, customised and clearly communicated so our patients have an understanding of their condition and what they need to do to get back to full movement and activity.

And we're more interested in patient outcomes than pushing people through to make more money. If this sounds like the way you practice as a physiotherapist, you will be well suited to our team.

The successful applicant must have highly developed manual and clinical reasoning skills, be able to effectively manage a varied caseload of sports, spinal, rehab, and compensable work, and be comfortable working with a variety of professionals to achieve outcomes for their patients. They will also be comfortable in managing experienced and more junior physiotherapists, mentoring staff and overseeing physiotherapy operations in the clinic.


Individual Requirements:

Highly developed Clinical Reasoning and Manual Therapy Skills.

Comfortable in mentoring less experienced staff.

Must be highly motivated and show strong leadership skills.

Senior Physiotherapy Experience

The position will be approximately 80% clinical work and 20% administrative.

Salary Range: $80,000 - $90,000 plus performance bonus.

If you're interested in knowing more, please email John Kingston at or send your resume and we'll accept that as your expression of interest in the position.

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