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Could this be heaven for an Ex Phys?

Every piece of equipment is state-of-the-art, even our weights! Revive’s new gym is part of THE most modern Physio facility in Hobart... and your office will be just as stylish. You’ll also have equipment that’s available nowhere else... in Tasmania. The right person is more important to us than qualifications and experience... mind you, Pilates experience would be good, but certainly not necessary. You’ll need to be enthusiastic... energetic and motivated. You’ll be someone who motivates others even when they're feeling less than inspired themselves ... and of course, you'll need to be comfortable leading classes and sensitive to a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds. You may even be a personal trainer who has gone on to be an Exercise Physiologist.

Training is available if required as well as a team around you to provide other professional support.

This will start as a part-time position with 6 to 8 classes of about 8 participants per week... plus your clinical load as well of course. We expect it to grow. If there’s something else you want, ask us...we want this to be great. Talk to us about your remuneration, training and other conditions. It will be worth it to the right person.

Email John on at or call in and check out the facilities, if you’re an Ex Phys looking for a better place to work. We might also have an opening for a Physio too.

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