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Nick Mullen
John Kingston - Principal - Physiotherapist
John is our Principal Physiotherapist... the founder of Revive... and an athlete with a particular interest in whole-of-body health.

John’s main area of expertise is back and neck pain, with an proven ability to identify and treat complex spinal problems.


This is more than a career for John, who also has an interest in radiating arm and leg pain, back pain in pregnancy - anything that has not improved after other treatments and/or surgery. 
John’s advanced diagnostic and analytical skills allow him to pinpoint problems and provide effective individual and integrated treatment plans using pain-free manual therapy techniques. 
His ultimate goal - to restore normal function and movement for all clients - permanently where possible - self-managed by the patient at the very least.


Masters Exercise Science Degree 

(University of Tasmania – 2003)


Masters of Physiotherapy 

(Curtin University – 2005)


Graduate Certificate of

Spinal Manual Therapy 

(Curtin University – 2008)


Level 2 Sports Physiotherapy


Master of Clinical Physiotherapy ( Manip)


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