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Nick Mullen
Joe Brooks - Podiatrist
Half-back-flanker, Batsman, Uncle, Podiatrist.

He’s a Podiatrist, but he’s really just a nice bloke who wants to do something to help. In many ways, his career is just a means to do what he naturally wants to do. According to Joe, his work is really about “combining my urge to help people in any means possible, by getting them back to physical activity or helping them with general foot hygiene… and an opportunity to satisfy my love of sport and work with athletes and people who strive to be fit and healthy.”


He's a sports nut but his favourite thing is spending time with the new generation of Brooks' - nieces and Nephews that are the main reason he returned to Tasmania.



Bachelor of Podiatry 

La Trobe University 2011


Board member 

Australian Podiatry Association 

(Tasmanian Branch)

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