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Re-training your body to work more effectively. That’s what our exercise classes are about.

Revive has introduced a supervised exercise programme designed specifically to assist people with recovering from injury; returning to full activity and maintaining active function.

Classes are highly specialised offering participants a graded active rehabilitation exercise system, with individualised programs to suit all ages and levels of fitness delivered by highly trained and skilled professionals.

The focus is on rebuilding strength and core stability, improving posture and patterns of movement.  

Return to your favourite activities, work and sport and move with confidence and control.

Participants undergo a comprehensive assessment of their injury including their strength, movement patterns and posture and  by one of our highly skilled  physiotherapists.  

Once the cause of your injury or discomfort has been established, a highly individualised exercise rehabilitation programme is developed.  You will then be taken through your programme by our Exercise Physiologist Elliot Maher.

For most injuries, it suggested that you attend twice weekly for eight weeks, or as suggested by your physiotherapist.

To register your interest and make an appointment for your assessment contact Revive Physiotherapy and Podiatry.

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